Welcome to UbuMiner.com!

This is my brand new Beta release of UbuMiner (short for Ubuntu Miner). This miner build is a complete O/S that is lean and mean, fast and stable.

Obviously I'm in beta right now so please be kind and help to improve the product instead of bashing me or my hard work. As of 9/7/2017, I have put about 170 cumulative hours of work into this project.

I hope you can appreciate the elegance of the build and the ease of its operation. Recommended hardware is at least 8G of RAM to use for a Mining Rig

Major Benefits:


  1. Download the UbuMiner ZIP file and move it to a directory where there are no other UbuMiner downloads or older versions present.

  2. Check your downloaded files against the appropriate SHA256 file that I have in this directory for you.

  3. Unzip UbuMiner.zip - use Command: unzip UbuMiner*.zip

  4. Enter Command: sha256sum -c UbuMiner*.SHA256
    This will check both your .zip file and your .img file to ensure they are correct before you write your image to a USB stick.

  5. I recommend using HDD Raw Copy (Portable) from HDDGuru.com

  6. UbuMiner will FIT on a 16G USB stick without any problem. Unlike some other Miner Systems or O/S builds which do NOT fit on 16G, I had a goal of ensuring that my build fit nicely and functioned properly on a 16G stick.

  7. If you find you need a SWAP space due to low RAM on your mining rig, you can use the installed GPARTED utility to add the swap space

Download UbuMiner Now

Thank you for downloading and please give me feedback!